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peace at last

I realise that this time of year is all about family etc, but I am on holiday and since the last few weeks have been so busy what with work/class etc, I have been looking forward to the time off...

Better things to do ...

So I forced myself to get up nice and early this morning - 8-ish - as I wanted to be at Tesco's for 9am.  They open the doors then but dont open the tills until 10am.  I thought I was being very clever and beating the crowds but it seems that half the town had the same idea. 


RA Siggies - entered into the A.A. comp #1

Below are a few siggies that I entered into a competition on the Armitage Army forum and I am pleased to say one of them got joint third (the KISS one).  I was up against some stiff competition as there are some very talented ladies on the forum.

More RA character siggies....Collapse )

Signatures / Banners

Here are a few signatures or banners that I made using photoshop for forum use. They are all 500 pixels wide, and between 200-250 high.

RA character siggies....Collapse )

And here are some

Non RA related siggiesCollapse )

As usual - please feel free to use if you so wish - but please credit and comment. Thanks.


I have been making icons for only a little while, so here are a few of the RA character related icons I have done.  Please be gentle with any comments.

And here are some non-RA related ones.

Hope to do more when I have time, especially for the other RA characters - will post when I do!

Feel free to use if you like - but please credit!


So I am quite used to being part of an online community, (The Armitage Army namely) but new to LJ. 

Will need to do some investigation on how to make my little corner look as swanky as some of the others I have seen - tis looking a bit bland. 


MTA: Ohh - thats better! I now have a theme!